RTL Alliance and DAMU Logistics have launched a comprehensive logistics service in Kazakhstan

RTL Alliance and DAMU Logistics have launched a comprehensive logistics service in Kazakhstan

RTL Alliance, together with DAMU Logistics, the leader of the warehouse industry in the Central Asian region, has proposed a comprehensive logistics service program for customers in Kazakhstan.

Mayra Zhumagaleeva (Commercial Director of DAMU Logistics) and Dmitry Bashko (Commercial Director of RTL Alliance) announced the launch of a joint program at a meeting of representatives of both companies at the DAMU Logistics Industrial and Logistics Center in Almaty. 

The integrated logistics service offers customers the widest range of services - from online booking of cargo delivery to a full-cycle warehouse service.

Advantages of the joint program:

• Ordering cargo delivery and warehouse service in "one window"
• Comprehensive logistics service through one contractor
• Speed and ease of booking
• Speed of receiving the cost and delivery time
• The ability to choose the most suitable route according to cost and conditions
• Accepting applications online at any time from anywhere in the world 24/7

“We have a long-term and fruitful cooperation with Kazakhstan, and a joint project with DAMU Logistics is a logical step in the further development of our presence in this country. This synergy fully complies with the principles of RTL Alliance and DAMU Logistics - fast delivery, efficient service and innovative logistics solutions,” says Dmitry Bashko, Commercial Director of RTL Alliance.

RTL Alliance

RTL Alliance is an international logistics group of companies that has been operating since 2012 and is among the market leaders in the field of multimodal and railway logistics. This confirms the status of the Best multimodal Freight forwarder of the Year according to the BAIF Association.

RTL Alliance is the only logistics company that has received an AA reputation business reputation rating and a BBB credit rating from BIK Ratings agency, as well as issued its own token.

RTL Alliance is actively developing in the field of LogTech. The company was the first in the region to introduce a digital logistics platform for online booking of cargo delivery.

DAMU Logistics

DAMU Logistics is the operator of a network of industrial and logistics parks and the leading 3PL operator of the entire Central Asian region. The total area of the industrial and logistics zone is 210 hectares.

DAMU Logistics owns more than 300,000 m2 of Class A warehouses, according to the European quality standard. This is the largest warehouse site in the Central Asian region.

More than a thousand residents with a turnover of about two thousand wagons per month successfully cooperate with the DAMU Logistics industrial and logistics center.